Dining at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington

You know how most amusement parks have overpriced food that is disgusting? Six Flags in

Arlington has overpriced food that is actually pretty delicious. They have decent variety there, and I

haven’t tasted much there that I don’t like. You can enjoy classic American food, pizza, a healthy meal,

ice cream and other yummies, and even Asian food. Here are a few of my favorites:

   Arlington is a big city filled with lots of restaurants. One of my favorite is Johnny Rockets, located

right across from the Harley Quinn ride in Gotham City. First off it’s away from the hot sun, and takes

a load off your feet with comfortable seating. Nevermind the cute fifties diner theme. I adore the retro

decor and the smell of greasy food and sweet milkshakes. They serve classic diner food-burgers,

shakes, fries, and sodas. You can get the best chocolate shake you’ve ever tasted, mouthwatering onion

rings (though I suggest a mint or a stick of gum afterwards), and my very favorite meal ever, their